Picture the scene 2 Scout / Guide leaders taking 20 young people to a camp and each brings £30. The leader could be carrying, 20 named envelopes, with money around in for safe keeping.

They could also also have 20 cubs / Brownies with pocket money for safe keeping. All the young people could be asking for their money at different times, with some children returning money they haven't spent. This could lead to money being lost or not returned to the right envelope.

We proudly introduce Larkin Pay the only safe and secure way to send your young person to Larkin Jamboree with spending money. 

Larkin Pay reduces the stress and burden on leaders. There will be no carrying around of envelopes with young people's money in, for use on camp. No young people losing their money, or leaders having to deal with many requests for access to their pocket money. Larkin Pay puts their money on their wrist for them to use when they want to.

Larkin Pay will also be used by all leaders and the Staff Team Members too!

How does Larkin Pay work?

  1. Head to the Larkin Pay Top-Up Portal and register